The Boss Button™

Don't let the man get you down.
Hide all active windows in one click.

Make private windows disappear and reappear with a click of a button!

Instantly hide web browsers or other windows, including messengers when others can see your screen.

Instantly hides all web browser or other windows with a push of a button.
Just press Ctrl + Space and all of your private windows will disappear from your screen
and Window's taskbar. Press Ctrl + Space to make your private windows reappear.
You may use it to instantly hide any program's window, including:
- Internet Explorer
- Yahoo, AOL or MSN Messenger
- Firefox
- Gmail Chat
- Windows Media Player

Easy To Customize:
You may easily change which program's windows that The Boss Button will hide.
You may also choose which keys hide and show windows .

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Price:    $14.95